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IMsihyun vs 창조의아침 Replay

I am a dedicated zerg player, and today I spent the morning watching replays. I wanted to share one that I thought stood out. To more experienced / master players, this may not be so incredible, but I thought that it was an excellent example of the way that zergs racial abilties can be exploited to win over the hardiness of protoss units and efficient macro. The whole idea of a brood lord / infestor / queen build (stabilized by zerglings), is certainly nothing new. I'd say Destiny contributed the most to popularizing how to abuse the versatility of infestors.

But 창조의아침 executes something else 
in this replay : an unwavering, inexhaustible patience. The replay is a bit long, but I felt that the comeback at the end makes it worth it. Despite the cannon rush, endless harassment, exploding hatcheries, low minerals, tons of toss units smashing and stomping everything in sight, 창조의아침 executes a unbelievably disciplined approach. To me, this is a thing of beauty. 

I hope you enjoy: http://sc2replays.aaa.eu/show-replay...msihyun_p.html

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